Herniamesh S.r.l.
Via F.lli Meliga 1/c
10034 Chivasso (TO)

Contact person: Selanna Martorana
Role: R&D Manager
Phone: 0039 0119196236 (Ext. 202)
Website: http://www.herniamesh.com

Founding Year: 1995
Employees: 24
Employees in R&D: 0
Fields of business: Medical devices / Biotech Healthcare

Medical devices, hernia, incontinence, surgery, Trabucco, tension-free, polypropylene, mesh, mattress overlay, vulnology, wound care.


Herniamesh S.r.l., is an Italian company that produces and sells monofilament polypropylene surgical meshes, for hernia repair and for urogyneacological diseases such as urinary incontinence and pelvic floor deficiencies and a mattress overlay for the prevention and reduction in healing time of decubitus lesions.Herniamesh was founded by Prof. Ermanno Trabucco, a world-famous surgeon, inventor of the “Tension-free, sutureless Hernioplasty”. Trabucco’s initial aim was to manufacture the mesh with the ideal rigidity to be used with the surgical technique that took his name. The wide range of mesh with different mechanical characteristics, in some cases even unique, which are anatomically and functionally correct, is the consolidated result of decades of research and development by Prof. Trabucco. The last product we inserted in the catalogue is a double layer mesh, Polypropylene + expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene, for the intraperitoneal treatment of incisional hernias.

Regarding the urology field, the central portion of the meshes for female urinary incontinence, has been the Herniamesh milestone to enter this market.

The Clinical results made on our unique 3D/volumetric mattress overlay brings Herniamesh into a new promising market, vulnology. The original mesh technologies applied to both the surgeries for hernia repair and for female urinary incontinence, meet the demands for quality surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Our challenge is to give the Hospital players the best products which can be used with the utmost safety.

In fact, Herniamesh adheres to very rigid quality standards and prides itself in being able to understand the needs of the customers and offer quick efficient solutions. Training sessions, which are held in our own Educational Centre, are an integral part of our activities. Herniamesh takes advantage of a strict scientific collaboration with the academic and hospital spheres as well as Universities and Research Centres, maintaining the company profile and quality of products to the highest levels.

The company expands over an area of 2200 m2, of which 500 m2 are dedicated to production, including an ISO 7 class clean room of 200 m2, and 300 m2 to warehouses. Currently, the staff is constituted of 24 persons, 11 workers and 13 among employees and managers. Herniamesh is present all over the world through a distributors network that is managed by two sales managers belonging to the staff. In 2010 Herniamesh finished acquiring acquired 100% of the capital of Tessitura Texsiva, the factory that that manufactures the tissues from which Herniamesh produces all its meshes and 3D Volumetric materials.

Herniamesh’s strong point is the complete control of the entire manufacturing chain, within its Quality Management System, starting from the tissue and arriving to the finished product. The products are manufactured according to the objectives of the Quality Policy in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 13485:2004 standard. All Herniamesh products bear the CE marking released in compliance with the Annex II of the European directive 93/42/CEE and have FDA clearance, 510(k), for US sales.

Products: medical devices for the treatment of inguinal, abdominal, umbilical and epigastric hernias, urinary incontinence and prolapses.

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