Tissuegraft S.r.l.
Via Amico Canobio 4
28100 Casa della porta ()

Contatto: Francesca Boccafoschi
Ruolo: R&D Manager
Telefono: 0039 0321660556
Sito http://www.tissuegraft.it

Anno di Fondazione: 2014
Impiegati: 1
Impiegati R&D: 0
Settori di attività: Medical devices / Biotech Healthcare, Others

Biological scaffolds, soft tissues, chemical enrichment.


TissueGraft company develops innovative biological substitutes for surgical applications, with high biocompatibility, for soft tissue repair and regeneration, in particular for abdominal hernia repair and vascular substitution.

The idea behind TissueGraft was born in autumn 2013 by a research group of the University of Piemonte Orientale, Department of Health Sciences. The company, made up by a chemist, a biologist and a medical biotecnologist, participated at the Start Cup Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta in 2014, won the third place. In November 2014 the company was formed as an academic spin-off.

The products proposed by TissueGraft involve the use of biological matrices appropriately decellularized, in order to eliminate the risk of immunogenic reaction in the implant site. The TissueGraft decellularized matrices can be enriched through an innovative process, called sueGraft®. This is a new process for enriching decellularized biological matrices. It allows to steadily bind bioactive molecules on the treated surfaces (e.g. peptides, growth factors, antibiotics. anticoagulants) in order to optimize the surgical use for several specific clinical needs. sueGraft® technology is unique and represents a new application for regenerative medicine. sueGraft® process has a huge potential in terms of development and production of highly innovative biological scaffolds, able to properly guide tissue regeneration and control more effectively the outcomes of the immediate post-surgery

In order to reinforce the company’s position in the R&D area, Tissuegraft has decided to establish a Scientific Board, composed of independent experts of international renown, with the following objectives:

  • Guide the company in the actions and decisions concerning the development of products and processes, from the standpoint of innovation, the scientific rigor and their adaptability to use in the target markets;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the results achieved, their correspondence to the assumed criteria and standards in the prototype development and in the market entry
  • Ensure a scientific and strategic vision for the strengthening and growth of the company, achieving the desired targets on the scientific and technical level in the market and, in general, for the scientific community.
TissueGraft can also provide the following services for both research institutions and companies:
  • Assessing biocompatibility, haemocompatibilty and mechanical properties of materials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
  • Improving an existing product of a company involved in regenerative medicine with sueGraft process.
  • Developing new products in collaboration with companies interested in regenerative medicine market.
TissueGraft can evaluate materials’ cytocompatibility, measuring cell viability in contact with the biomaterial; assess eventual immune and inflammatory response by performing the most advanced tests, evaluating haemocompatibility and assessing materials’ mechanical properties.

Products: medical devices for ernial cure and biological vascular substitutes useful for peripheral revascularization.

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